* To Be Brothers *

We are a young, family job matching company, that is entering the Dutch market. We are currently investing in our growth to ensure a high standard of the services we provide. We don’t treat that as a slogan, but as an investment, that will pay up in the future. Our work is our passion and every challenge is a possibility of proving ourselves. In our carrier we’ve dealt with many different problems and we’ve worked through them thanks to our cooperation and proper communication.  

* Our experience *

We have years of experience as well as unique competences obtained while working for the biggest employment agencies in the Netherlands and in international environment. Now is the time for us to compete effectively with other employment agencies. We’ve got to know the industry from the employee’s side, so we know exactly the reality and the needs of working abroad. Our company’s success is achieved by people and their commitment. 

* Client and employee satisfaction *

Working with us as a Client guarantees safe, comprehensive and fast transactions. The basis of our work is adjusting the offer to the needs and requirements of the Client and our main goal is to fully satisfy our Clients with the carried out project. Our Clients’ satisfaction is our priority, because a happy client is a long-term partner.  

We never forget the well-being of our Employees, so we prioritize their development and we take care of them throughout the process. Strong, family values are important for us. We realize, that going abroad may be a big venture. It’s on our side to ensure that the recruited Candidates have maximum comfort during their stay in the Netherlands. Perhaps we won’t substitute their families, but we hope to make our employees feel like home in their new country from the very beginning

Henry Ford, a legendary American entrepreneur used TO say:

„Coming together is a beginning,
keeping together is progress,
working together is success”